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Boat Rental Dénia

View the options for renting a boat in Dénia. How much does it cost to rent or charter a boat, which boats are available, where can you rent and which boats do you not need a license for? Read our checklist before renting a boat. 

Price indication

To give you an idea of the prices for renting a boat in Dénia, we have listed some boats for you here. 

small rental boat without license

Small boats without license

  • 2 hour charter  € 130,-
  • 4 hour charter € 220,-
  • You are skipper – no license required

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Boat 2-8 people

  • 4 hour charter  € 350,-
  • 8 hour charter € 490,-
  • You are skipper (skipper optional)

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Luxury yacht 2-12 people

  • 4 hour charter  € 950,-
  • 8 hou charter € 1800,-
  • Skipper included

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Boat rental companies Dénia

The following list shows all boat rental companies in Dénia.

Rental companies per category

Without license

You can rent a small boat without a license as long as it has less than fifteen horsepower (15 cv) in the engine. The motor boat must be no longer than 5 meter, age: 18 years or older. Nautica Pérez is the place to be in Dénia for boat rental without a license.

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small rental boat without license

Boat tours

Don’t want to rent a boat but want to be on a boat? Then check out one of the fun boat tours and discover Dénia from the sea. Discover beautiful caves along the coast, go snorkeling or SUP, and enjoy a pleasant afternoon on the Mediterranean with your family or a small group.

Charter or rental?

With charter boats the skipper is usually included. When you rent boats, you are the skipper yourself.

What should I pay attention to when renting a boat?

  1. What age do I have to be to rent a boat?
  2. Bring your ID and credit card
  3. Is a boating license is required
  4. Which boating license is required?
  5. Is there a toilet on board?
  6. How is the insurance arranged
  7. Are snorkel masks included
  8. Is gasoline is included
  9. Does the boat have a sunshade / Sundeck?
  10. Is there a swimming ladder included
  11. Is there a fresh water shower on board?
  12. Can I obtain a navigation license from the rental company?

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, a motor boat up to 5 meters > 15cv (11.26kw)
  • You can rent a boat without a license as long as it has less than fifteen horsepower in the engine.
  • 18 years or older
  • Sailboat up to 6 meters
  • Jestki: No