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Buying a house in Dénia

Are you interested in buying a house or apartment in Dénia? On this page you will read why it is interesting, what to look out for, how to see the best offers and what Dénia has to offer. Whether you are looking for a house to rent out, for your own use or both, Dénia is an attractive resort to invest in an apartment, house or villa.

Why in Dénia?

Dénia has an enormous amount to offer for tourists and for people who want to live or spend the winter there. Below we list some of the many benefits that this versatile city has to offer.

  1. Dénia is a medium-sized town with 49,000 inhabitants which means you will find all the amenities, businesses and stores.
  2. Historic center with colorful fishermen’s houses, charming squares and a castle from the 11th and 12th centuries
  3. Lots of good and diverse restaurants in the most beautiful places – Dénia can truly be called a culinary hotspot. Tip: visit Foodstreet Els Magazinos. Dénia has been designated a Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.
  4. A pleasant climate with mild winters and warm summers as you would expect on the Costa Blanca.
  5. A fantastic, large marina with a hospitality pier beloved by many filled with outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars.
  6. For Northern European, the price level is low in Dénia and the region. Groceries, catering, gasoline, etc. are often 30% cheaper than in the Netherlands.
  7. Several long sandy beaches, as well as rocky beaches and cliffs.
  8. The Montgó mountain range and hilly landscape with green valleys and orange groves surround the town of Dénia
  9. Beautiful, car-free shopping street with high-quality stores ranging from chain stores to specialty stores and delicatessens to boutiques.
  10. Dénia is centrally located between Valencia en Alicante, allowing you to fly into both airports. You choose your plane ticket based on the best price or the best flight times. Distance to both airports is just over 1 hour drive.
  11. The area lends itself perfectly to activities such as hiking over the Montgó mountain range, cycling along boulevards and beaches or day trips to Jávea, Altea, Calpe, Benidorm etc.
  12. In winter, there is plenty to do and plenty of activities and events.
  13. Check this drone-video van Dénia

Real estate agents in Dénia

In Denia there are several real estate agencies that can help you find your dream house. Some have been here for years and know Dénia and the region like the back of their hand. They can therefore provide you with valuable information and advise you on the best areas of Dénia, because here too location-location-location applies. They will also help you obtain an NIE number and guide you in contacting notaries and lawyers. Tip: Ask the real estate agent what services they provide (before and after the purchase) and how long they have been operating in the area.

House offer

Whether you are looking for a new construction project or an existing house or apartment, in Spain there are several websites where you can view the house offerings.

View housing offer in Dénia at:

  1. Idealista
    New homes only
  2. Thinkspain 
    New homes only
  3. HomeEspaña
  4. SecondHome
Casa Montgo Risa - villa in Denia

Rental and efficiency

For many potential homebuyers, renting out and earning a return is an important component. On the other hand, there are also those looking for a home for their own use, either in the summer months or to stay during the winter.


Return on a house in Dénia depends on two components, namely the occupancy rate and the increase in value of an object. With the increase in value of the property, you must take into account that when you sell the property, you have to pay 50% of the increase in value to the Spanish government. Looking at the past, a good rental of a vacation home or apartment can generate a return of 5% to 10%.

Occupancy rate

Occupancy rates are determined by, among other things:

  1. How common is the object
  2. In what condition is the object
  3. What facilities does the property offer
  4. How is the location relative to the beach, downtown, port, sightseeing, supermarket, nature, airport, and so on.
  5. How good are you (or your rental agent) at scoring bookings?


For renting out your house or apartment, consider the following.

  1. You must have a rental license, you can apply for this at the municipality or through your gestor, lawyer or rental agent and it can take several months.
  2. You must pay taxes yearly on rental income (expenses may be offset)
  3. Get good reviews from day 1 and leave nothing to chance. Good reviews help enormously to win over new customers or win over doubters. Let family and friends in your accommodation first to test and for writing a review 😉
  4. Look carefully at opportunities to bring in bookings. This can be done through Booking.com or Airbnb, for example, but the commissions are high and their terms and rules are rigid. Other options are a local rental agent, or acquire bookings yourself through, for example, your own website, facebook, instagram etc.
  5. Read the article about maximizing your rental returns

What does a house in Dénia cost?

There is a house or apartment for almost every budget in Dénia. From € 70.000 you can already find an apartment in Dénia and existing houses start at € 200.000. New construction starts around €180.000, for which you will have a nice apartment in a good location.

Price indications

  • House
    Existing from € 200.000, new homes from € 600.000
  • Apartment
    Existing from €70.000, new homes from €180.000
Finca Pepe

What are good neighborhoods?

One of the most important questions you need to answer for yourself is “Which district of Denia is best to stay in?”. There are so many great neighborhoods in Denia and the resort appeals to all kinds of travelers and expats. Staying in a part of Denia that suits your lifestyle or your target market best will ensure that you get the most out of it.

Read this article where you get to know the neighborhoods.

Buying tips

  1. Have a south- or east-facing garden or balcony because of sun heat during the winter months.
  2. Keep a maximum of 3 to 4 km from the sea
  3. Is the object or complex photogenic enough to take great pictures of it that will generate bookings?
  4. What target groups do you have in mind, and are the facilities and rooms suited to them?
  5. Can the air conditioner also heat?
  6. Is there room for a washer and dryer? This is important for winter rentals.
  7. If you are going to live there, rent a house or apartment first
  8. If you’re going to rent out, talk to multiple estate agents about the best accommodations and neighborhoods
  9. Find a reputable rental agent
  10. Check the shade of Montgó Mountain in your location, especially in the winter months there are neighborhoods where the mountain provides shade.
  11. Become a member of facebook groups
  12. Visit the Second Home Fair to make contacts with estate agents, explore new construction projects and attend lectures on buying or renting in Spain
  13. Before you go out with a real estate agent, check on financing a house and interest rates, and so on.
  14. ! Remember to haggle or negotiate – no matter how enthusiastic you are.
  15. Consider potential nuisances and threats such as, smells, noise, highways, businesses in the area, waterfalls in swimming pools, padel courts, future construction of highways or airports, earthquake susceptibility of the area, local and national legislation, drought and water rations, flood risk from the sea or rivers and mountains, sea level rise, and so on.

Do the “hello” test

A research by English vloggers found that Dénia is a friendly town. Greeting strangers while walking through town resulted in a 100% score. In other words, they all greeted back!

Residents and nationalities

Dénia has a total of 49.000 residents and in the tourist season this number is quadrupled. In Dénia, Germans, English and Colombians are the most represented nationalities – not counting Spaniards. The foreign country where the most residents come from is Colombia with 2090 residents. They work and mostly in the hospitality industry. Furthermore, 1400 Germans, 1432 British and 553 Dutch live and work in Dénia. 

haven met bootjes

Cleaning and services

For the cleaning of your accommodation in Dénia and for technical services, we have found the following companies: